Fantasy Figures Exposed: All the Nationalist Marches to Date

A Force For Good held another of our "Jubilee Street Stalls" on Saturday 14 May 2022 in the centre of Glasgow (pictured) – constructively engaging with the Great British Public – while a small band of Scottish nationalists held another pointless separatist shuffle through the centre of the city.

A Force For Good's trademark Action is our bold and exciting Counter-Presence events. However, recent pro-SNP marches have been too small to warrant our official Presence. Instead we engage in the productive activity of physically meeting the public at our Street Stalls.

However, we still ensure to have our activists filming and counting the divisive dawdlers!

We counted 773 of the pro-SNP folk on Saturday 14th May 2022, traipsing forlornly along their Road to Nowhere. You can count them yourself from our video below, and no doubt you'll hit a number close to ours.

Absurdly, they claimed "5,000", but as you can see from the video footage, the camera doesn't lie! They passed our counting point in 6 minutes and 15 seconds!

It is important to reveal the true numbers at these events because otherwise people will believe the lies, and this will lead them to imagine that the level of support for this behaviour is greater than it actually is, and then they risk becoming demoralised, and give up!

The truth is that the nationalists are inflating their figures up to 22 times (at Edinburgh 5-10-19).

Here, for the record, are all our Counts to date:

Dumfries 11-6-22: All Under One Banner (AUOB) said 1.2K. Actual 359.

Glasgow 14-5-22: AUOB said 5K. Actual 773.

Arbroath 2-4-22: AUOB said 3K. Actual 793.

Edinburgh 19-3-22: Yes2, 277.

Paisley 5-3-22: AUOB said 2.5K. Actual 598.

Glasgow 22-1-22: AUOB said 1K. Actual 297.

Edinburgh 27-11-21: Scottish Independence Movement (SIM), 88.

Glasgow 9-10-21: Yes2 said 650: Actual 367.

Edinburgh 25-9-21: AUOB said 5K: Actual 847.

Glasgow 19-9-21: Hope Over Fear Static Rally, 113.

Dundee 18-9-21: SIM, 73.

Stirling 11-9-21: AUOB said 2K: Actual 360.

Glasgow 14-8-21: SIM, 320.

Dundee 31-7-21: AUOB Static Rally, 57.

We had a Counter-Presence at the following:

Glasgow 17-7-21: Yes2, 34.

Glasgow 1-5-21: AUOB Static Rally, George Square, 65, the day of AFFG's Union Day Rally.

Glasgow 17-9-20: AUOB Static Demo, BBC Studios, 80.

Glasgow 11-1-20: AUOB (and SNP) said 80K: Actual 10,156.

Edinburgh 5-10-19: AUOB (and SNP) said 200-250K: Actual 11,286.

Perth 7-9-19: AUOB said 20K: Actual 3,160.

Dunfermline 31-8-19: Forward as One, 838.

Aberdeen 17-8-19: AUOB said 12K: Actual 2,563.

Campbeltown 27-7-19: AUOB said 2K: Actual 974.

Ayr 6-7-19: AUOB said 13K: Actual 2,672.

Oban 15-6-19: AUOB said 7K: Actual 1,757.

Galashiels 1-6-19: AUOB said 5K: Actual 2,122.

Glasgow 4-5-19: AUOB said 100K: Actual 8,796.

Edinburgh 6-10-18: AUOB said 100K: Actual 12,789.

Glasgow 15-9-18: Hope Over Fear, 314.

Dunfermline 1-9-18: Forward as One, 491.

Dundee 18-8-18: AUOB said 16K: Actual 3,538.

Inverness 28-7-18: AUOB said 14K: Actual 3,386.

Dumfries 2-6-18: AUOB (and Police) said 10K: Actual 1,854.

There are 3 AUOB marches for which we do not have exact numbers:

Glasgow 5-5-18: We're on Union Street again, and this time we bring down The Sunday Herald.

Glasgow 16-9-17: We launch our "Union City Glasgow" campaign on Union Street.

Glasgow 3-6-17: Our first Thin Red Line – 15 British Heroes Assemble!

If you'd like to help us at our "Jubilee Street Stalls" please drop us an email via the contact form below.


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