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We've grown to become Scotland's leading pro-UK campaign group and think tank. Our colourful activism is maintained by a small and dedicated team, as well as our brave volunteers.

Sturgeon wants to throw Scotland into the turmoil of a second separation referendum! We won't let her get away with her constant division! We're determined to Keep Scotland British and to oppose the SNP's divisive agenda. Every day, we are standing up for the United Kingdom. We are  reminding everyone that it's Great to be British, the UK is a fantastic country, and we Want to Stay Together. Please help us to fight back and defend our United Kingdom!

From just £5 per month (only £1.15 a week) you can help us grow our campaign to oppose another referendum and to Maintain the Union.


As a 'Union Supporter' you are entitled to claim any or all of the following (and if you don't want to claim any of them, that's OK too):

- claim a free subscription to our occasional 8-page hard-copy magazine 'Union Heart',

- receive all the back-issues free,

- request any Special Editions free,

- request an AFFG Heart badge free (worth £4.99),

- request a free pack of our unique Christmas Cards each year.

- You will also receive an Exclusive Invite to our annual 'Union Social' when that is able to happen again.

If you donate £10 or more a month you're entitled to claim all the above, PLUS a FREE copy of our 'Wee Book for the Union', worth £5. If you're already donating at least £10 a month and haven't received it, feel free to contact us and request your free copy.


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