Dumfries Count, Revealed at Last, 1,854

Back on Saturday 2nd June 2018, the Scottish nationalist "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) group held a march through Dumfries. Naturally, A Force For Good's Thin Red Line was there to stand up for the United Kingdom and remind the passing marchers of the importance of our wonderful country (above).

We have to admit though, that this event was before we realised that the SNP-supporting marchers were using deliberate lying and exaggeration as a tactic. It was before we realised that we would have to time, film, and count every march in order to get an accurate figure of attendees.

At Dumfries, we were appalled that the marchers, backed up by the Police, claimed 10,000 attended!

Our experience told us that this was a massive exaggeration!

However, we had no film evidence, and so we could only approximate around 3,000 maximum passing us in an approximate 25 minute period.

That was a very generous estimate because it relied – for simplicity – upon a calculation that the march was passing us at a constant rate and volume, which it was not doing (120 per min x 25 mins).

We are now delighted to announce that film evidence has emerged which enables us to make an accurate count.

The film evidence is from a nationalist supporter. The person is filming the march as it heads up the High Street, towards the Midsteeple.

The video can be viewed on this Facebook page.