10,156 at Glasgow AUOB March, 11-1-20

AFFG on Union Street 11-1-20. Pic AFFG

Pictured: A Force For Good's activists gather along Union Street, 11 Jan 2020.

We had a great turnout at our counter-demonstration as Unionists flocked to Union Street, Glasgow, to stand up to the SNP/All Under One Banner march.

We filmed and counted 10,156 of them, even though they lied and said 80,000!

You can count them for yourselves from the video that we took. If you don't want to count them all head-by-head, as we do, you can count several 1 minute sections, take an average and then multiply by the overall time which the march took to pass (84 minutes).

Here's the entire raw footage from one of our cameras in real time. It covers the entire width of the street (from the yellow lines at the bottom of the video).

The march begins when the Police Horses pass, and ends when the 2 Police Motorcycles and Vans pass.

Our counting point is the white line on the right which crosses over to the coffee shop. From the moment the first marcher toes the white line, to the moment the last one does so, is 1 hour 24 minutes.