ScotNats Get Telt in Dumfries

Alistair McConnachie and A Force For Good, Dumfries 2-6-18

The Scottish Nationalists were marching in Dumfries today. They bussed them in from all over. Three buses arrived from Glasgow.

Goodness knows what the good people of Dumfries thought? They probably didn't know what they'd done to deserve this imposition.

Of course, A Force For Good and our activists were there, standing for the Silent Majority.

21 of us reminded the passing marchers that we prefer Unity over Division.

That number included 12 from Dumfries, ensuring that the percentage of "Doonhamers" standing with us was considerably more than were present in the Nationalist ranks!

We reminded them that Scotland is British.

And Scotland Said No!

And we reminded them that Scotland will always be British, despite the best efforts of some of them to break us up!

And you know who agreed with that sentiment? One of Dumfries's Greatest sons, Robert Burns, who was seated on his statue behind us, watching the proceedings.