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2,122 in Galashiels AUOB March, 1-6-19

What a colourful and beautiful site our 26 brave activists, Union flags, AFFG flags, posters and pro-UK banners made today in Galashiels as A Force For Good stood up proudly and strongly in our Thin Red Line, as the SNP/Scottish Nationalists of "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) passed us!

Our Director, Alistair McConnachie reminded the marchers that Scotland said No to separation and Yes to unity.

As usual, our vital work included filming and counting them accurately, because we know that AUOB lies deliberately in order to give the appearance of greater strength. We won't let them get away with that deception!

Our official count is now in and it is 2,122!

Above is our video footage.

The march took exactly 14 minutes to pass our point at Cornmill Square on their second passing as shown above (they marched past us twice), in the centre of the "figure of 8" which they were taking through the town. It begins when the Pipers pass us, and it ends when the police bicycles and vehicle pass. We did not count the bikers as they did not pass our counting point, and went a different route from the march.

AUOB Never Reckoned on A Force For Good

AUOB hates the fact that we are at all their marches and that we are documenting their numbers!

When they put together their marching plan 2 years ago, they thought they could easily get away with their lies because they thought nobody in Scotland would be able, or bothered, to follow them around and film them. They didn't count on the patriotic men and women of A Force For Good!

The work we are doing for the Union is absolutely amazing and there is nobody else who will, or could, do it. That's a fact.

So, if you appreciate our work, then we need your help to keep doing it! Please donate what you can today to ensure we can "keep up the good work" all summer long! Chip in at this link please. We are so grateful to the help we receive!

Our Count Protocol

1- We count every adult on the road (unless they are simply crossing over the road)

2- Our presumption is always to be generous. We do not want to under-estimate. For example, if we can't tell if it is 1 or 2 people behind a flag, we go with 2. If we can't tell if it is 3 or 4, we go with 4, and so on.

3- We count people on the pavement only if they are clearly part of the march, such as dressed for the occasion/carrying a flag.

4- No children who look 14 or under are counted, since they are only there because their parents have brought them along. However, the video evidence usually shows that there are only a few of them anyway, so if you want to count them in too, you will find it doesn't make much difference to the overall figure.

5- The handful of Marshals standing next to AFFG, are added in.

6- If the "Bikers" are leading the march then we count them in. If they are travelling a different route then we do not count them in.

Counting Tips

We count the entire march, head by head. You can do so too by occasionally pausing the video.

If you simply want to confirm that we are in the approximate ballpark, then here is what you can do: You can count several 1 minute periods at the beginning, middle and end of the march, find an average and multiply it by 14 minutes.

We don't expect anyone to get the exact figure which we counted, but everyone will find it is in our ballpark.

We know that AUOB are lying through their teeth about their numbers. If you are a journalist, there is a story here! Please expose their lies. This website has several pages documenting their false numbers which you are free to use.

Finally, please share this page on social media! Let's get the truth out before more AUOB lies take hold! And remember, we need your assistance if we are to keep up this good work...

One-Off Donation here> "Keep up the Good Work"

Monthly Union Supporter from as little as £5 here> "Yes, I want to Help You Monthly"

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