8,796 on Glasgow AUOB March, 4-5-19

There were 8,796 on the SNP/ScotNat march in Glasgow

In addition to our colourful pro-UK display in Glasgow City Centre on Saturday 4 May 2019, A Force For Good also filmed and counted the SNP/ScotNat march organised by "All Under One Banner" (AUOB).

Our official count is now in and it's 8,796.

The video evidence can be seen on our Facebook Live broadcast.

It can also be seen on additional video evidence which we have from a different vantage point - which we may post later.

The march took exactly 1 hr and 31 minutes to pass our point at the corner of George Square. This was longer than expected because the march had to squeeze through a one-lane choke point, at the building works outside Queen Street Station - right next to where we were standing. This slowed the march down considerably.

The march starts when the Pipe Band passes us (on our Facebook Live video at 29.08) and ends when the Police van and officers pass.

We counted every single person in West George Street in accord with our Counting Protocol below. You can too, or you can approximate to confirm that we're in the correct ballpark.

But first, a quick pointer...

If you really believe "100,000" marched, then - since the march; as per the video evidence above - took 91 minutes to pass our point, then that would mean 1,099 people passing us every minute! The video evidence clearly shows around 90-100 passing per minute, with plenty of hold-ups too!