AFFG Reveals Dunfermline Number: 491

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A Force For Good videoed and counted the SNP/ScotNat march today in Dunfermline (1-9-18).

As usual, we've meticulously analysed the video evidence and counted the number of marchers.

Who We Did Not Count

1. We did not count children under 14, since they are only there because they are being coerced by their parents. Again, as with Dundee, there were only a few of these young children.

2. We did not count people walking down the pavement, since these were just people going about their business – unless they had a flag or an identifying symbol showing that they were part of the march, in which case they were counted in.

3. We did not count people who looked as if they were professional camera people – identifiable by carrying the professional kit. There were only a handful of them anyway.

4. We did not count a couple on the march who looked like St John's Ambulance people.

5. We used a streetlight pole, as the point at which to count them passing. We ended our count when the final Police Van passed us.

Here is our video footage.

The march begins with "Bikers" passing, and then there is a waiting period before the walkers pass, beginning at 6.48. The event ends when the Police Van passes us at 12.20.

The Numbers at the Event

The event began with "Bikers" driving down the High Street.