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AFFG Stands for Britain as Nat March Flops

The Nats looked a sorry bunch in Glasgow today. It took a grand total of around two minutes for their march to pass by our counter-demonstrators, who were there to greet Tommy Sheridan's rabble with a proud display of Red, White & Blue! Check out video footage of the event on our Facebook page: VIDEO FOOTAGE: AFFG GLASGOW COUNTER-DEMO The Nats watched clips from Braveheart in George Square before they set off. While they are stuck in grievances from the 13th Century and get their history from Hollywood movies, we reminded them as they passed by that today, 15th September, is Battle of Britain Day: a day to remember the Scots, English, Welsh and Northern Irish who fought together for Britain.

The dwindling number of Nats at their sorry display today shows that Scotland's Silent Unionist Majority is growing, and that Scots are proud to be British.

LIKE WHAT WE DID IN GLASGOW TODAY? We hold the Thin Red Line for the Union at these Nationalist marches. We believe it is vital that we do not allow the Nats to intimidate us like they did during the referendum. That's why we are there to stand up for Scotland's Silent Unionist Majority, and remind the Nats that Scotland voted to remain British.

Our trademark counter-demos are just one part of our broad pro-UK activism. As a leading unionist campaign group, we rely on our ordinary supporters to allow us to do what we do. If street activism isn't for you, you can support us by becoming a Union Supporter. We're looking for 200 Union Supporters to put us on a sustainable financial footing so we can continue to take on the Nats and do our bit to Maintain the Union.

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