SNP's Legacy of Division in One Picture

A Force For Good activists face the Nats: Pic AFFG

This picture was taken at our hugely successful counter-demonstration at the Nationalist march through Glasgow on Saturday, 5 May 2018.

It sums up perfectly how the SNP's divisive brand of nationalism has torn apart a people who used to be proudly Scottish and British.

We countered their negative, anti-UK message with our positive message of UK unity. Unlike the nationalists, we believe the people of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all part of one British family.

Some people say we should "just ignore them".

We disagree.

It is important that Unionists maintain a presence, of whatever size, at these events.

It reminds Nats, but more importantly it reminds us, that Scotland is British!

It reminds the rest of Scotland that there is another side to this matter. It reassures people that the Nats do not have the streets entirely to themselves.

That we cannot match their numbers is irrelevant.