2,563 at Aberdeen AUOB March, 17-8-19

Aberdeen, Aberdeen, all the ScotNats we have Seen

But we swear to you by all our Flags Above

We will count them one and All

And one day their cause will Fall

Aberdeen the Silver City that we Love

A Force For Good was in the beautiful British Silver City of Aberdeen today, in our wonderful United Kingdom, and we counted the "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) marchers as they shambled up the appropriately named Union Street (named after the 1801 Union with Ireland), which was just along from Union Terrace Gardens, which sits beside Union Terrace, which is just round from Union Square, just round from Union Row, just round from Union Wynd, just round from Union Grove and Union Glen.

It seemed even the city streets were telling them that Aberdeen is British and British it shall remain!

As usual, we filmed and counted them in order to ensure they can't get away with their lies.

Our official count is now in and it is 2,563.

We did not include any bikers in the 2,563 figure.

A Big Thank You to everyone who joined our Thin Red Line for an exciting and enjoyable day.

Our colourful presence reminded everyone that: We're British, we Love the UK, and we Want Us to Stay Together!