A Force For Good may Bring Down the Sunday Herald

A Force For Good on front page of Sunday Herald

Is A Force For Good responsible for the imminent collapse of the Sunday Herald?

It sure looks like it!

It has been obvious for the last 3 months that the Sunday Herald is in serious trouble.

It's certain that it does not have a viable future in its current format.

Now, according to this article on the Guardian website today, 14 August 2018 it looks like it may merge with the daily Herald newspaper; drop its "independence" line altogether; and change its title in order to reach a broader audience.

Indeed, that would be the sensible thing to do. (Alternatively, but far less likely, it will become the Sunday edition of the already-struggling National.)

The Guardian article traces one of the Sunday Herald's major problems back to the photograph which it ran on its front page of our A Force For Good counter-presence at the Nat March on 5 May 2018 in Union Street, Glasgow (above).

Yes...the photograph!

Virtually its entire readership had a week-long Twitter Meltdown about it, which was both hilarious, but instructive and horrifying, to watch.