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Union City Glasgow

Our Union City Glasgow campaign was launched at our Counter-Presence to the nationalist march through Glasgow on Saturday 16 September 2017, almost 3 years to the day when the people of Scotland voted decisively for the United Kingdom.

Our on-going campaign promotes Glasgow as a City with a strong British Heritage.

The nationalists were shocked to see our effective counter-narrative to their 'Yes City' nonsense.

We know Glasgow is a Union City. It's always been socially, culturally, historically and industrially a Great British City and an important City for the Union.

Indeed, it was always known as "the Second City of the Empire".

Its British Heritage has deep roots, and these roots are strong enough to hold and support, and continue to grow and bind an even-greater Union, as we go forward together in the coming months and years.

Our Union City Glasgow campaign continues to develop this awareness, including more Events, more Banners, more Posters, and more Articles.

Here's a video of our Union City Glasgow launch (16-9-17):


In 2019, and with your help, we will be at all 8 of the "All Under One Banner" ScotNat marches throughout Scotland, including Glasgow. We depend upon your support! If you like what we're doing, please make a monthly donation to help us keep the Red, White and Blue flying in Scotland's streets! Click here>

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