Legacy Archive: Over 110 pro-UK Articles

We launched this site on 1 May 2018, but from 21 March 2012 to the 30 April 2018, we published over 110 Articles on British Union Philosophy, Policy and History on our previous site. We have linked back to them all here (each article opens in a new tab):


Understanding our Pro-UK Frame

Our Aim and Strategy

The 5,000 Year Old Union

A Force For Good: Our 4 Pro-UK Principles

It's about Service to Humanity, not "Freedom from the English"

Ever Closer Union is Our Destination, Not Separation

Wider Still and Wider is the Pro-UK Vision

Our Vision for Scotland is...in Britain

Believe in Britain and vote standing on that Rock of Principle, rather than the shifting sands of temporary policies you don't like


Our Dual Identity is a Massive UK Positive that Nationalists want to Negate

10 Reasons Why it's Great to be British

Scotland is Better able to Control its Future as Part of the UK

The UK Gives us One Big Home to Call our Own

The Union gave Scottish Industry its Life and it Will Continue to Give our Economy its Life

What is the Positive Case for the Union? One word...Britain


4 Reasons Why We Oppose a 2nd Referendum

How Westminster can Build a Cast-Iron Mandate against a Second Referendum

Sturgeon has No Legal Right to "Call" Referendum

Keep Calm and Just Say No to a Second Referendum

Time to Shut the Door on a Second Referendum

Beware the Bravado of the 'Bring it On' Brigade

20 Lessons Learned from the Official and Unofficial No Campaigns

The Franchise for the Scottish Referendum Explained

The Case for a Threshold at the 'Love the UK Day' Referendum


Shared British Identity

Being British: Some Practical Benefits and Spiritual Elements (Speech, 20-2-14)

These are Some Things, Some Things that Britishness is Made Of

The Happy and Glorious Games: "Britain, we did it right!"

Stand Up, if you Love England

Severing Muscle and Bone: Considering the Complexity and Danger of Separating the British Siamese Twins

British Monarchy

Scotland and the Monarchy

The Monarchy in the Public Mind and Political Body of the United Kingdom

The Alleged Rebellious Scots "Verse" Debunked

Arguments Against a British Republic

The Reason for the Grand Ceremony of the State Opening of Parliament

Making a Case for Britain's Monarchy

Union Jack

2014: The Year the Union Jack makes its Scottish Comeback

Scotland's Flag: The Union Jack

The Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag

These Colours Don't Run: The British Flag

(British) Commonwealth

Scotland Would Have to Leave Commonwealth if the Nationalists Won

Union Jacks at Glasgow 2014: The Enduring Britishness of the Commonwealth

Looking Towards the British Wealth in Common Games

British Armed Forces

Importance of the British Armed Forces to the Union

The Royal Navy: Another Union Positive for Scotland

British Broadcasting Corporation

The British Broadcasting Corporation Needs our Written Support

The Patriotic Case for the British Broadcasting Corporation


How to Defeat the SNP and Deliver Brexit (13-6-17)

Ever Closer Union: How to Promote the British Union in the Face of Separatist Opposition (7-6-16)

One UK: The British Union from 30 First Principles (18-6-15)

21 Reasons why England should Care about Scotland Separating (4-6-14)

Ever Closer Union: Over 50 Suggestions to Promote the Social Union and Cultural Value of the UK (18-6-13)

Five False Premises of Scottish Separatism: And why they make it Impossible, Impractical, and indeed Immoral for Scotland to Split (19-6-12)

Seven Stupid Separatist Sophisms (from Scotland and England) (26-2-09)


Why the SNP Want to Stay in the Single Market

How to Make Brexit a Great Success

6 Reasons Why Brexit Would Not Lead to Another Scottish Referendum

The Nature of Political Authority in the United Kingdom


Understanding what Devolution was Meant to Be

Danger of Devolution in the Presence of an Aggressive Separatist Movement

If Devolution is a Process then Powers should Flow Back as well as Forth

How to Do Devolution Properly

We Oppose the Slow Independence of 'More Powers'

"More Powers" Debate: Labour must be Careful not to Concede anti-UK Premise to Nats

Smith Commission: A 'Scottish Trap' for the Labour Party

Smith Commission: We Voted No. Not for More Powers

Smith Commission: Not a Law-Making Body and it cannot Bind the British Parliament

Why Full Fiscal Autonomy is Wrong for Scotland and the Union

Hugh McLachlan: A Union of Convenience: Scotland cannot seek to stay within the UK marriage but seek fiscal autonomy

Unity Debate: Which Policy Matters are Reserved at Westminster?

How the Scottish Parliament Works