Truth About the Indy March Numbers

There was not "90,000" as the ScotNats are trying to tell us; there wasn't even the "35,000" that the Glasgow police have ridiculously claimed. In reality, it is highly unlikely that there were more than 10,000 on the March for Independence in Glasgow on Saturday 5 May 2018 (and that is us being very generous)!

What Does 90,000 Look Like?

You want to know what 90,000 looks like? It is the full capacity of Wembley Stadium!

Wembley Stadium at full 90,000 capacity

Wembley Stadium at full 90,000 capacity. Pic from:

For example, we can check here:

Wembley: 90,000

Murrayfield: 67,000

Celtic Park: 61,000

Hampden: 52,000

Ibrox: 51,000

How Long Did the March Take to Pass?

We are uniquely well placed to judge the numbers because we were there and the entire March passed our one point on Union Street, in Union City Glasgow!

We know it started to pass us at 12.40pm, as per the video of our event at:

After 40 minutes the overwhelming bulk of the March had passed. For the next 20 minutes smaller groups were passing us in dribs and drabs, with empty gaps between them.

Our experience is backed up by the complete video evidence here:

As we can se