3,160 at Perth AUOB March, 7-9-19

A Force For Good was in the Great British City of Perth today, in our wonderful United Kingdom, and we counted the "All Under One Banner" (AUOB) marchers as they passed our Thin Red Line at the top of King Edward Street – named after Edward VII (1901-1910) to whom there is a memorial across from the old City Hall.

We always count the AUOB marchers to ensure they can't get away with their inevitable lies and ridiculous exaggerations.

Our official count is now in and it is 3,160.

Here is our Count Video. We filmed from our vantage point on the High Street and were able to easily count every person. The march begins shortly after the 4 yellow-jacketed Police Officers walk by (0.25) and ends when the two blue-jacketed Police Officers pass.The event lasts for 35 minutes. However, for several points in the video there is nobody on the road and there are lots of big spaces. Indeed, every head can be easily counted. If this video doesn't convince you that AUOB is lying about its numbers then nothing will!

Also, a Big Thank You to everyone who joined our Thin Red Line for a Great British Day of Activism!

We reminded the marchers that Scotland voted to remain in the UK. We voted to stand together as one, with our friends, colleagues and family in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We don't want to be divided up into 4 squabbling parts. We want unity, not division!

And we made clear that despite the best efforts of the SNP to exploit Brexit, and despite the desire of the Scottish Nationalists for it to fail, we know that our unity will prevail, we will be successful, and Britain's future together is assured!