2,672 at Ayr AUOB March, 6-7-19

A Force For Good was in Ayr today, flying the Red, White and Blue high and making sure that the SNP-supporting-and-endorsed march knew that there were people in Ayr who support Britain and being British!

Thank you to everyone who joined our Thin Red Line for an exciting and enjoyable day!

Our message was simply: We're British, we love the UK, and we want us to stay together!

As always, our vital work included filming and counting them accurately. AUOB lies deliberately in order to give the appearance of greater strength and to demoralise unionists. We do not let them get away with that deception...and they hate us for it!

Our official count is now in and it is 2,672.

The march took 23 minutes and 30 seconds to pass our point.

Here is one of the videos which we took and from which we made our Count.

It begins when the Pipers pass us, and it ends when the police officers pass us.