1,757 at Oban AUOB March, 15-6-19

A Force For Good was in Oban today. We were bearing witness for the huge value of the United Kingdom, as the SNP/ScotNat march passed by.

Our colourful display reminded them that we're British, we love the UK, and we want us to stay together!

Thank you to those of us who stood strong on our Thin Red Line.

We will never let the Scottish Nationalists intimidate us, and we will continue to stand for what we believe in.

As always, our vital work included filming and counting them accurately, because we know that AUOB lies deliberately in order to give the appearance of greater strength. We will not let them get away with that deception!

Our official count is now in and it is 1,757.

Here is one of the videos from which we made our count:

You can also watch our Live Feed of our Speech on the day, now up on YouTube here: