Nat Media Lies Exposed: March Video Released!

You asked for it and here it is! The entire video of the ScotNat march as it passes our vantage point on Saturday 6th October 2018 in Edinburgh.

Will the media and politicians now examine the evidence and report the truth?

How many did A Force For Good count from this spot?

193K? Not exactly!

100K? Don't make us laugh!

20,000 according to an estimate by Edinburgh City Council (which was also quoted by Police Scotland)? Well, at least that estimate is closer to the mark, but still far too high!

We've uploaded the video to our YouTube channel here:

...and anyone can now count the figures for themselves!

It takes exactly 1 hour 50 mins (110mins) to pass, and finishes when the 2 Police Horses pass our point.

Two of our colleagues counted independently, and we took the average of their counts. It came in at 12,789.

We Challenge the Scottish Media: Count the Marchers!

We are presenting the evidence to the media on a plate

It is here for anyone to examine for themselves.

If you are a newspaper journalist, then the truth of this matter is a big story.

After all, we have significant elements of the Scottish (and British-wide) media, and all the SNP politicians, saying "100,000" when the truth is around 13% of that figure – when the truth is over 7 and a half times fewer than claimed!

This is a major story!

If you're a journalist, it won't take you long to confirm that we are correct.

It is not difficult!

We show you how, below.

This video means there is no excuse for your newspaper, or media organisation, to publish false figures. There is no excuse for you to publish Scottish Nationalist propaganda.

We've made it easy for you.

Here's our guidance on counting...

Our Count Protocol

1- We counted every adult on the road (unless they were simply crossing over the road)

2- Our presumption is always to be generous. We do not want to under-estimate. For example, if we can't tell if it is 1 or 2 people behind a flag, we go with 2. If we can't tell if it is 3 or 4, we go with 4, and so on.

3- We count people on the pavement only if they are clearly part of the march, such as dressed for the occasion/carrying a flag.

4- No children who looked 14 or under were counted, since they are only there because their parents have brought them along. However, the video evidence shows that there were only a few of them anyway, so if you want to count them in too, you will find it doesn't make much difference to the overall figure.

5- The handful of Marshals standing next to AFFG, were added in.

6- We did not include the Bikers since they were travelling on a different route, and we have no footage of their numbers.

Counting Tips

You can count the entire march if you want. We counted the entire 1hr and 50 mins. By occasionally pausing the video, it took us the best part of 2 and a half hours to count.

However, if you simply want to confirm that we are in the approximate ballpark, then here is what you can do...

You can count the first 5 min period and multiply it by 22 (the march takes 110 minutes).

That will be slightly over-estimating the numbers since the beginning is the busiest part, and as the march goes on there are several periods when the march is quite sparse, or when the road is virtually empty (because it was occasionally held up as it walked down the Royal Mile in order to allow traffic to pass).

Alternatively, count several random 5 minute periods throughout the march, and take an average, then multiply it by 22. Or count several random 1 minute periods, find an average, and multiply by 110.