Our "Bruce to Elizabeth" Celebration Rally, Part 2

A Force For Good held our "Bruce to Elizabeth: Our Great British Monarchy" Celebration Rally in the heart of the Great British City of Stirling on Saturday 25 June 2022.

It was twenty years ago, in 2002, that Stirling became Scotland's sixth city to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne.

We were there, 20 years later, to remember Bruce and to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of his direct descendent, Queen Elizabeth.

The following is Part 2 of the notes which we made prior to the day.


We have published the Family Tree in our Special Edition of Union Heart, "Happy and Glorious" which can be purchased here.

Essentially she is related going back through the Stuarts


When Bruce was King (from his Coronation in 1306 to his death in 1329), his eldest daughter Marjorie married Walter Stewart (6th High Steward of Scotland). She gave birth to a child in 1316, who was to go on to become Robert Stewart, or Robert II, and who started the Stewart dynasty.

It is generally believed that Marjorie died giving birth to Robert after being knocked from a horse (on 2 March 1316) although some believe she may have lived on and died in a second pregnancy.

Today, at the junction of Renfrew Road and Dundonald Road in Paisley, a cairn marks the spot called "the Knock", near where Marjorie reputedly fell. Bruce Road and Marjorie Drive are named in her honour. She is buried at Paisley Abbey. Every year on the first Saturday of June, the town of Bathgate celebrates the marriage of Marjorie and Walter in their annual historic pageant.


It was the Stewart dynasty which was to go on to create the Realm of Great Britain itself when King James Stuart the VI of Scots became also the King of England – as a result of the death of Elizabeth I on 24 March 1603. A Union which he described as