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'Happy and Glorious' is the 6th edition of our magazine 'Union Heart'. It's a 12-page celebration of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee. We explain:


- The Role of the Monarch today.

- Bruce to Elizabeth: Our Great British Monarchy – an amazing Family Tree tracing the direct line of descent (it's worth it for this page alone)!

- A Symbol of the People's Sovereignty.

- "The Happy Connection of Two So Mighty Nations" – the Union of the Crowns when the Scots King James VI became King of Great Britain.

- The Royal Style, and the Realm of the United Kingdom.

- The British National Anthem.

- Long to Reign Over Us – answering the republican objections.

- Policies to Celebrate the Monarchy – our suggestions!


It's another wonderful education in Britishness from A Force For Good.


Buy your copy today!


Price includes post and packing in the UK.


Please note, each new copy of Union Heart is available absolutely free to monthly Union Supporters. You can become a monthly Union Supporter at the link here. Donating monthly and being able to request our magazines free, really is a good deal! 


You can also get it as part of our discounted 6-back issue set here.


Happy and Glorious!

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