"The Happy Connection of Two so Mighty Nations"

The following was published in The Daily Telegraph of 19 April 2014. We believe it is a valuable piece of history which needs to be more widely known, and better recorded. Therefore, we have transcribed it in its entirety below. Above, Glamis Castle where the letter from James VI was discovered. Pic from Wikipedia and used under creative commons licence. (Article follows>

Letter written by first king of Great Britain mirrors current campaign for the Union

Cousin of the Queen unearths a 400-year-old document that sounds as if it was written for today's independence debate

The Daily Telegraph online 19 Apr 2014, by Auslan Cramb

It was penned by the first king of Great Britain more than 400 years ago, but it reads remarkably like a royal intervention in today's independence debate.

A letter unearthed in the archives of a famous Scottish castle has revealed the remarkable enthusiasm of King James VI and I - sixth of Scotland and first of England - for the union.

The monarch was known to be an advocate of a single parliament, and the fragile document makes clear his conviction that the two nations a