Our "Bruce to Elizabeth" Celebration Rally, Part 1

On Saturday 25 June 2022, A Force For Good was in the Great British City of Stirling to hold our "Bruce to Elizabeth: Our Great British Monarchy" Celebration Rally.

We were there on the 25th, because it was on the 23rd and 24th that the Battle of Bannockburn was fought, and won, by Robert the Bruce in 1314.

We were there to remember Bruce today, and to celebrate the fact that his memory lives on – and his legacy lives on – through his direct descendant Her Majesty the Queen in this her Platinum Jubilee Year!

In that sense, we celebrate the fact that the conflicts of the past are reconciled – healed – through the living embodiment of the Monarch today. We wrote an entire Special Edition of our magazine Union Heart, entitled "Happy and Glorious", which developed these matters, and it can be purchased here.

After our address ended, there was a pro-SNP/Green march which passed by us. It took 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and we counted 432 marchers.

We reminded them of the good news about Bruce to Elizabeth, and we spoke of the importance of reconciliation and healing, and the importance of not scratching at old wounds.

Prior to the event, we made the following notes to explain the background of the man of the hour, Robert the Bruce, and his famous Battle at the Bannock Burn!


When Queen Margaret died (also called the Maid of Norway, the grand-daughter of Alexander III) at the tender age of 7 in Orkney in September 1290, the Scottish throne was vacant.

There were 13 contenders including Robert the Bruce's grand-father Robert Bruce 5th Lord of Allandale.

Edward I was asked to arbitrate by nobles, who are known today as the "Guardians of Scotland".

Edward I was a descendant of the Scots King Malcolm III (Malcolm Canmore) through Malcolm's daughter, Matilda of Scotland who married Henry I of England. In that sense, Edward also had a claim to the throne o