Holyrood Cannot Deliver a Mandate for a 2nd IndyRef

Holyrood cannot deliver a mandate for second ref

A majority of seats for the separatist parties at a Holyrood election is not enough to demand a second vote to break up the UK. The United Kingdom is held together at the level of the British Parliament. That's where the mandate for unity is found. So that's where any mandate for separation has to be found.

It's an article of faith among the Scottish nationalists, and the Scottish mainstream media, that if the "independence supporting parties" were to win a majority of seats at the Holyrood Election on Thursday 6 May 2021 then that would represent "a mandate" for a second referendum to try to break up the UK ["mandate" means "the authority to carry it out"].

In effect this would mean a majority of seats being won by the SNP, the Scottish Cabbage Party (the Soggy Greens), and any other separatist group that might get elected on the Regional List.

They are very adamant about this.

As an SNP MP says:

"If people vote for that proposition and elect a pro-referendum majority then it would be illegitimate and undemocratic for any UK government, Tory or otherwise, to deny that expression. If they did, they would be keeping Scotland in the UK against the wishes of the people who live here."

Tommy Sheppard SNP MP, quoted in The Daily Express, "Sturgeon are you listening? SNP MP finally admits referendum was once in a generation vote", online 9-10-20.

There is so much wrong – and dangerously wrong – with his arrogant statement. We include it here only because it sums up the basic position of the Scottish nationalists.