Parliament Overrides Holyrood HOORAY!

A Force For Good Activists outside Parliament 13-11-17

The papers are full today about the vote in Holyrood yesterday where the Labour Party (and Lib Dems) sided with the SNP/Greens to try to "block" the Brexit Bill.

The "frame" through which the Nats and their commentators want us to view this is that "the devolution settlement" (a completely inaccurate and bogus phrase) is being "attacked" and that the whole concept of "devolution" is at risk.

Complete baloney!

This is the SNP frame, and any commentator pushing it must be regarded as an overt or closet SNP supporter, or at the very best, a constitutional illiterate.

The Great news is that this incident demonstrates that devolution is working exactly as it is meant!

What's this all About?

Briefly, there are powers coming back to the UK as a result of Brexit. Some of these will be devolved automatically to Holyrood because they are part of wider powers which Holyrood already exercises.

Some of them have to stay with the British Parliament because they relate to powers which help to ensure a common trading market throughout the UK where goods can flow freely without being subject to different regulations.

No problem. No big deal. All normal people agree that is completely reasonable.