British Unionism: The Union of the Crowns, 24th March

"The Union of the Crowns" by Rubens, Banqueting House, Whitehall. Copyright AFFG 7-6-18

This painting called "The Union of the Crowns" is part of a series by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, on the ceiling of the Banqueting House, Whitehall, which are all dedicated to James VI. It depicts James looking on as two women representing Scotland and England hold a new born baby representing Great Britain being crowned by the Goddess Minerva. Below them are artifacts of war symbolising Great Britain's birth out of internal conflict. The Banqueting House is a Royal Palace situated on the corner of Horse Guards Avenue and Whitehall, immediately opposite Horse Guards Parade, and normally open to the public. We took the photograph after we spoke about the importance of James VI, in our Speech in London here. Copyright AFFG 7-6-18.

On this day, 24 March in 1603, an important event in the calendar of British Unionists – the Regal Union – the Union of the Crowns.

James VI of Scots was proclaimed also to be the King of England, after the death of Elizabeth I, earlier this morning. James, was the son of Mary Queen of Scots.

He always wanted to be styled, "James King of Great Britain."