Why we Emphasise British History

A Force For Good defends Henry Dundas in Edinburgh on 20-6-20, against the attacks of the SNP/BLM rally. We called for a statue to commemorate the Royal Navy sailors who lost their lives to abolish slavery.


A Force For Good has developed a reputation for seeking the roots of our British union – in the widest sense – far back in the mists of time, long before the Union of Parliaments in 1707, and further back than the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

Indeed, we coined the phrase "our 5,000 Year Old Union" in order to emphasise the broad stretch of time over which we find, and tell, our national story. You can read that article on our Legacy Site.

Every day, across our social media platforms, we post facts and stories about British history.

This is part of our on-going work to educate, to inspire and to encourage us to see the value of the United Kingdom, and to help us appreciate being British.

After all, if we don't have a British Story then we don't have a British Nation. If we don't have a story to tell about ourselves then how could we even exist as a nation?

In telling these stories, we aim to weave together the connections of us all throughout our Islands, to create a full, inter-connected, and rich story about our land.

This helps to give overall context to our lives; to help us understand how we got here; to know that we didn't just come out of nothing.

Our history gives us organic roots in the past.

David Starkey, developing upon Edmund Burke's view, has said: