A Wee Book for the Union is an A-6 (pocket-sized), 56-page, full-colour must-have for anybody who wants an informed opinion on Scotland and the Union. It is a fantastic wee campaigning and educational tool, packed with interesting historical points, and clever arguments, to help you make the case for the United Kingdom.


In 4 Parts, it addresses "The Past: How we Came Together", "The Present: Benefits of the UK Today", "The Debate: Exposing the Indy Myths", and "The Future: Making a Better Britain".


Buy yours today and we'll also add in a free copy of our magazine "Union Heart"!


(Please note we do not normally sell to, or ship, outside the UK - owing to the postal costs being prohibitive. However, if you really want a copy, then contact us and we'll arrange a price for you.)

A Wee Book for the Union



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