British Cabinet should Meet throughout the UK

A Force For Good was outside Inverness Town House on 28 July 2018 when we counted 3,386 SNP-marchers and not the 14K they lied about!

In the olden days, the centre of government – whether in Scotland or England – was where the Monarch had his or her Royal Court. If it moved around, then the government moved with it.

In the modern era, the first time the British Cabinet – the highest ranking Ministers of the Crown – met outside London was on 7 September 1921, in Inverness Town House (pictured).

This year is the centenary of that event.

The Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, was on holiday in Gairloch, Wester Ross. He had received a letter from Eamon de Valera, and he called his Cabinet to Inverness to discuss. It took place at 11am and 16 members including Lloyd George, Stanley Baldwin and Winston Churchill were in attendance.

A Force For Good has always advocated that the British Cabinet should rotate around the United Kingdom at least once and, ideally, several times a year. The idea of "Regional Cabinet Meetings" was started by Gordon Brown, but has since fallen into abeyance. We mentioned the idea in our Wee Book for the Union.

This should not be too difficult to really push. It is a colourful idea which helps to educate about our constitution and history, and, importantly, it is a chance to bring the beating heart of British democracy closer to other parts of the UK.