It's a Win for the Union at Inverness

A Force For Good calculates 3,386 marchers. Police Scotland stay silent on numbers. Angry ScotNats panic as they realise we will no longer allow them to get away with lying about their numbers. It's a Win for the Union!

AFFG at Inverness, 28-7-18

Despite what ScotNats are saying throughout social media, Police Scotland has not released any official estimate of the nationalist numbers.

This is likely because they know AFFG has documented video evidence of the entire March and we can explain our exact calculation to them.

One of our colleagues videoed the "All Under One Banner" Nationalist march from the area opposite and above the Clock Tower on Bridge Street where we were waving our Union Jack flags and addressing them through our PA system.

Our colleague then spent several hours on Saturday afternoon meticulously going through the video evidence, stopping and starting it, in order to get an exact count.

By early Saturday evening we were ready to go with the official count – 3,386 in a March which lasted precisely 42 minutes.

Our Protocol for the Count:

- All the Marshalls were counted

- All the Bikers were counted

- Small children and children in prams were NOT counted.

- Where it was difficult to tell from the footage if one was looking at 1 or 2 people (for example, if the figure was partially obscured by a flag) then it was counted as 2 people – thereby erring on the generous side.

Our colleague performed a fantastic service, not only for the truth of the matter, but for the pro-UK cause in general.

It means that we now have verifiable proof that the AUOB organisers are exaggerating – indeed lying – about their numbers ("14,000") to an extraordinary extent.

The real figure is more than 4 times fewer!

You can count them for yourself. Here's our video evidence:

We Will Not Allow them to Get Away with Lying any Longer

Of course, we've known for a long time, that they're exaggerating.

This first came to our attention after their Glasgow March on 5th May this year.

We knew something was clearly wrong.

The organisers were claiming "90,000" (the entire capacity of Wembley Stadium)! The Police – perhaps afraid to contradict the Marchers too heavily (and perhaps presuming that nobody, such as ourselves, would contradict them) – claimed the equally absurd figure of "35,000".

We were there and we estimated the number as likely to be less than 8 thousand! That's still a lot, but it's more than 11 times fewer than the marchers were claiming!

See our article "The Truth about the Indy March Numbers".

Then there was Dumfries on 2nd June. We were there too. The March lasted for around 25 minutes (and there were far fewer than at Inverness).

The Police claim of "10,000" was so wildly wrong that we realised there was a serious problem developing.

It was an absurd figure which had no basis in any physical evidence.

We wrote about it at "Police Guesstimates of IndyMarch Numbers is Becoming a Problem".

Consequently, several of our colleagues contacted the Dumfries and Galloway Police directly. The Police didn't want to admit that they were wrong, but they didn't want to explain how they came to their estimation either. We have the correspondence!

As we said at the time, this careless guess-timation was "directly making the people who want to destroy the United Kingdom look good, and directly demoralising the people who want to hold us together."

We surmised 6 reasons why Police Scotland was getting it so wildly wrong.

AFFG at Inverness, 28-7-18

Inverness Police Remain Silent on Figures