It's a Win for the Union at Inverness

A Force For Good calculates 3,386 marchers. Police Scotland stay silent on numbers. Angry ScotNats panic as they realise we will no longer allow them to get away with lying about their numbers. It's a Win for the Union!

AFFG at Inverness, 28-7-18

Despite what ScotNats are saying throughout social media, Police Scotland has not released any official estimate of the nationalist numbers.

This is likely because they know AFFG has documented video evidence of the entire March and we can explain our exact calculation to them.

One of our colleagues videoed the "All Under One Banner" Nationalist march from the area opposite and above the Clock Tower on Bridge Street where we were waving our Union Jack flags and addressing them through our PA system.

Our colleague then spent several hours on Saturday afternoon meticulously going through the video evidence, stopping and starting it, in order to get an exact count.

By early Saturday evening we were ready to go with the official count – 3,386 in a March which lasted precisely 42 minutes.

Our Protocol for the Count:

- All the Marshalls were counted

- All the Bikers were counted

- Small children and children in prams were NOT counted.

- Where it was difficult to tell from the footage if one was lo