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It's Time for a British National Flagship

The open sea awaits the Great British maritime trading nation

We said in our last Policy article about the importance of a British Day Bank Holiday that "No one policy, or event, is going to solve the problems of separatism. However, over time, things can be nudged in the right direction by policies, and events. Things like this may be a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but it is all the little things that the British Government is not doing, or not encouraging, which creates the big problem of separatism and which allows it to dominate."

That has to be remembered when we mention any of our Ideas.

Each thing, in itself, won't "fix things"; but it all adds up, and it all supports movement in the direction that we want to go.

Firstly, when we talk about a National Flagship, let's be clear what we are not talking about:

We are not talking about a "Royal Yacht".

The idea of a "Royal Yacht", specifically or largely for use by the Royal Family, is no longer a feasible proposition, nor is it even necessary in this day and age. Indeed, it is best that the Queen is not involved in any decisions regarding the matter.

Let's be clear what we are talking about:

We are talking about a National Flagship which is built in, and sourced from, all corners of the UK. It would be a travelling symbol of our unity, an icon of Britishness, a projection of national prestige on the world stage, and a showcase for Britain's design and environmentally-friendly manufacturing skills.

Britain has always been a maritime nation and a global trader. Post-Brexit, this National Flagship would build on the British maritime theme and could be used to promote Trade Deals world-wide. It would be a projection of "Soft Power" and a travelling representation and reminder of Britain as a global trading nation.

In this regard, we agree with the Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Michael Lake, when he said that a National Flagship could act as a travelling ambassador to boost Britain's trade and prestige in the wake of Brexit, at home and abroad.

As he has said, the coming years are "a golden moment for the United Kingdom to shape a future as a global and forceful partner in the broadest sense...Relish it or regret it, this is no time for uncertainty or for inactivity. It will be crucial for the country to show its wares and talents to the best advantage in a competitive world."

It would be a very suitable Post-Brexit symbol because it would be a real-life reminder that Britain's wealth has traditionally come from our maritime trading tradition, and we are launching – literally – upon that again!

What it Would be used For

It would have several uses built into its design – which would include Meeting Rooms, a Room which could be used for Banqueting, a Classroom/Lecture Theatre, even Hospital Facilities.

For example:

a) It would be used for diplomatic purposes by the British Government and the devolved administrations. This would cover Trade Missions, but also Parliamentary Meetings, and be used as a sort of Travelling Embassy.

b) It would be used for educational purposes. It would travel regularly around the British Isles and aim to dock in as many ports as possible, where it would be open to local school children. It would be a moving classroom for educating about the United Kingdom, with guided tours for tourists, and school children to learn about the history of our Islands.

c) It would be a way for the British Cabinet to move around the British Isles. It could certainly meet in it – if not travel in it. The "Cabinet Tour" could become a regular event, visiting a different place each year.

d) It could function as a Training Ship for cadets.

e) It could function as a modest emergency Hospital Ship if necessary, bringing a vital humanitarian element to its construction. Britain needs a Hospital Ship anyway.

f) And of course, where appropriate, it could be used for Royal events as well.

Built and Sourced in different Parts of the UK

It would be built in different parts of the United Kingdom, and it would be deliberately constructed from items sourced in every corner of the United Kingdom – just like the Diamond Jubilee State Coach in 2014.

Perhaps it could be built from parts sourced from different Port towns, or Port areas, throughout the UK, perhaps those with Royal Naval associations?

The point is to make it a physical representation of our unity – a true 'Britannia' on the waves.

More Advantages of a National Flagship

It is a form of investment into the economy. It will create jobs and local investment at shipbuilding yards throughout Britain, as well as research and service sector jobs. It will also attract business and tourism into Britain which will easily cover its costs.

It might have to be accompanied around the UK by a small Royal Navy flotilla – which could mean more ships, and more investment.

Some have suggested that it could be privately-funded, in whole or part, as per the Daily Mail suggestion from 2012 here.


As usual, when anything patriotically-British is suggested, the media-miserablists will scream blue murder, and the Scottish Nationalists and Republicans will scream regardless. But they can be counted on to do that! It is their job to keep Britain down. That's their twisted goal in life.

They can always be counted on to oppose anything like this, and to fight against it. We have to ignore them, and leave them behind with their tears and their failure.

Let's Do This! The Time is now Right!

Our office files on this idea, go back to 1997! It's high time this was made a reality!

A National Flagship built in different parts of the UK, with parts sourced from every corner of the UK; which can be used for diplomatic purposes; which would also function as an educational Touring Classroom on the United Kingdom; a Training Ship for Cadets; even an emergency Hospital Ship!

It would be an investment into the economy; create jobs; boost Britain's international prestige; make money for the Nation; and provide an uplifting symbol of our unity.

What's not to like?

We just need the politicians with the British Vision to go ahead on it.

Now where can we find them?

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