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George Square: We Stood up to the Nationalists

Our brave volunteers stood up for Scotland's Silent Unionist Majority today in George Square. While the nationalist marchers walked by, we held a colourful counter-demonstration to remind the Nats that Scotland said No to separation.

The Nats have always wanted to claim George Square for themselves and call it "Freedom Square". That's why it's so important that we were able to hold our Thin Red Line - we refuse to let the nationalists claim Scotland's streets for themselves.

We will not let the Silent Majority be bullied by a vocal, aggressive minority. We are so proud of all of our volunteers who stood up for the Union today!

If you couldn't be with us in George Square, please chip in to our crowdfunder so we can continue to take on the Nats at their own marches and keep up our effective activism to Maintain the Union.

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