A Unionist Response to Westminster Fails

Photograph courtesy of A Force For Good 15-6-17.

We ask, "Where does Unionism stand when some occupants of the Westminster Parliament behave badly, or when the Parliament falls short of expectations?"

The SNP and the opponents of the Union often portray Westminster as some kind of den of sleaze and bad behaviour. Of course, it serves their purpose to do so. Mostly their claims are exaggerated, but sometimes they might be exploiting a fair point.

They will always do this. After all, there is not a parliament in the entire world which is made out of "perfect" human beings. We only need to look at Holyrood itself to see the truth of that!

But where does Unionism stand when some Members of the British Parliament behave badly, or when the Parliament falls short?

This point occurred to us when a journalist in The Times (17-1-22) examined the present state of Westminster and in his opinion he said that it "begs the question of what being a unionist party actually means when Westminster's reputation has been so badly scarred."

Let us give him an answer.

We Hold to the Permanent Things, not the Passing Things

As Unionists, we believe in holding the Union Parliament to high standards.