British Unionism: 12 Fundamentals of Britain's Core Ideology

AFFG stand for the Union as the SNP/ScotNats pass, Edinburgh 6-10-18

We were reading an article by a journalist called Juliet Samuel recently when we were struck by a few words in her paragraph: "It is just possible that the EU has found a real red line in Mrs May's heart, called unionism. This would put her out of step with much of Britain, I suspect, but it might actually give her a fighting chance of convincing Brussels that she is serious." (1)

Believing in "unionism" would..."put her out of step with much of Britain"?

We were taken aback by that claim.

After all, what is "Britain" in the first place, if it is not a direct consequence of the political ideology known as "unionism"?


The British Union is the political Union of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales, united in one Unitary State, with a sovereign National Parliament at Westminster.