A Separatist's Work is Never Done

We explain why the SNP would never disband – even if it got separation – and why politics would shift to a more virulent Scotland v England arena.

"The SNP would disband if Scotland was independent"

Sometimes we hear it said that if Scotland voted for separation then the function of the SNP would be complete. It would disband because "it's job would be done". It would leave the world of politics to the other parties to get on with the serious business of actually running the country, instead of causing everyone perpetually to obsess about the nation's identity.

Scotland would, they say, become "like every other country". It would no longer have a significant nationalist party because there would be no need for it.

Politics would return to normal. Everyone who currently votes for the SNP will "revert" to their true political allegiances, and will all start voting for Labour, the Tories, and the Lib Dems again...and everyone would live happily ever after!

We hear this from the SNP who try to trick some pro-UK people into thinking that there is "nothing to fear" from separation. "Don't worry", they say, "the SNP would disband and you wouldn't see their likes again."

No, that is not correct.