Even Separation Won't Satisfy the Scottish Nationalists

A Force For Good's 'Thin Red Line' stood up for our unity and solidarity on 5 October 2019 when 11,286 SNP-marchers staggered up the Royal Mile (and not the quarter of a million they lied about).

Sometimes people in England get understandably exasperated with "the Scots" who they see on the Telly – ie the SNP MPs – and they will throw up their hands and say that things would be better if "the Scots" just went their own way and got "their independence".

They seem to imagine Scotland and "the Scots" would just drift off into space and never be heard from again.

Things are not that simple!

The fact is, "the Scots" who complain about the Union and England right now, will forever complain.

Even if Scotland was "independent", they would still complain, because that is what they do. That is the sort of people they are.