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How Scot Nats Shift Debate and Manipulate

A Force For Good meets the Great British Public at one of our Jubilee Street Stalls in Argyle Street, Glasgow on 18-6-22.

We recently heard a prominent Scottish nationalist MSP saying on Question Time 30-6-22:

"The point that I'm trying to make this evening is that we will be on different sides of the argument about whether Scotland should be independent or not but regardless of our political affiliation, regardless of whether we are Yes or No voters, do we trust the people to decide?"

Reported in The National, 2-7-22, pp.6-7 at 6.

The "trust the people" phrases are attempts to get us to submit to the separatist agenda through accusation, deception or flattery. After all, nobody wants to appear to distrust the people.

Here are some examples:

"If you don't want a referendum, then you don't trust the people."

This is an accusation to shame us into submitting to their agenda.

"Do we trust the people to decide?"

This is a deceptive question which is aiming to get us to go along with a second referendum for fear of being thought not to trust the people.

"We can all agree to trust the people."

This sounds "reasonable" and is intended to flatter us into risking the break-up of the UK.

These are clever phrases which target our sense of morality, until we realise that "trusting the people" is not the issue!

These are simply attempts to shift the debate and manipulate.

After all, this isn't about a referendum on whether we "trust the people". It's not proposed that we go into a polling booth with a ballot paper asking, "Do you trust the people? Yes or No?"

This is about some people trying to break up the UK!

Whether we "trust the people" is neither here nor there.

It's an intentional red herring! It is not relevant to the matter at hand.

Indeed, it is absurd to apply the concept of "trust" to this matter because both sides are "trusting the people" to do completely opposite things.

To summarise: We can trust the people without wanting a second referendum. Therefore, don't try to imply that those who trust the people will want a second referendum, or that those who do not want a second referendum do not trust the people.

"A referendum will prove whether you are right or wrong."

This is another phrase intended to shift the debate, and to manipulate.

In this case, to manipulate one's sense of confidence and ego, in the hope that one will take the bait and accept the risk.

Again, being "proven right" is not the issue.

We are not trying to be "proven right". We're not interested in being "proven right".

We're trying to stop some people driving the bus over the cliff!

Stopping them driving the bus over the cliff is far more important than being "proven right" that some of us can make it safely round the precipice!

Don't Lose Sight of the Essence

When the Scottish nationalists try to shift debate and manipulate, we must not lose sight of the essential matter, which is this:

The sole purpose of a second referendum is to break up the UK.

The Scottish nationalists are intentionally promoting a deliberate political device – a referendum – the sole purpose of which is to try to destroy our country.

A referendum is not intended to "keep the UK together". Virtually no good can come of a second referendum, even if we won. Its purpose is solely destructive of the UK.

We don't want that. We don't want what they are demanding.

We. Do. Not. want a referendum to try to break up the UK.

We do not want a referendum to try to break up the UK any more than we want a referendum to try to drive a bus over a cliff!

Focusing on that fact will help us to spot when they shift the debate and try to manipulate us by appealing to our sense of morality, or confidence.

We addressed this in Busting Indy Myths Part 22 on our "Good Evening Britain" show, 16-11-22:



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