We have a Right to Stay in the UK

A Force For Good's Thin Red Line saying says "Hello and Welcome to the Great British City of Glasgow" to the passing Scottish nationalist march in Argyle Street on Saturday 6 August 2022 when we counted 108 of them. See the true figures for all the Scottish nationalist marches here.

Scottish nationalists will say things like "If you believe in the UK, why be afraid of another referendum?"

They're trying to goad us into yielding to their demands.

Well, there are several reasons why we won't fall for that – regardless of the overwhelming fact that we've already had one and we won decisively!

The first thing that needs to be said, and is seldom heard through all the Scottish nationalist noise, is that Scotland has a Right to Stay in the UK!

They always say they have "a right to leave". Well, what about our Right to Stay!

We, the majority of people who voted to stay and who want to keep staying, have a perfect right to ensure our point of view is heard and that the future of our country is not being constantly called into question.

That's a fundamental philosophical point. We have a Right to Stay!

To do that, we depend entirely upon the Parliament and the Government of the UK to keep us together; to safeguard the integrity of the UK; to safeguard our Right to Stay!

The Parliament and Government of the United Kingdom has the absolute right, responsibility and duty to keep us together on behalf of the majority of the people of the entire United Kingdom – including in Scotland – who want to keep us together.

So this has to be said up front. We have a Right to Stay, and to do whatever is required democratically and constitutionally to ensure we stay!