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How You Can Help A Force For Good

People will often ask us, "How can I help?" Here's 12 things you can do.

The very first thing to do is...


1. Sign-Up to our fortnightly Email Update

This is the most important thing to do straight away! For example, if the worst came to the worst and we were no longer able to broadcast on our Social Media platforms, then we would still be able to contact you via email. It is completely free, so please do 'sign-up' here with your name and email. We send an email once a fortnight.

2. Follow us on our Social Media Platforms

If you have an account with any of the following Social Media platforms, then please Follow or Subscribe to us. It is all free, and our daily material will help to keep you in the picture. If you like what you see then please Like and Share the content with others.

Follow us on Facebook where we publish high-quality content several times daily.

You can help build our outreach on Facebook by inviting your Facebook friends to Like our page. Here's how: If you are viewing on a computer browser, then go to the top of our Facebook page. You'll see 3 little dots on the right hand side looking like this "..." Click on that and a drop-down box will appear. Look for "Invite to Follow". Left click on that and all your Facebook Friends will appear.

You can then scroll down and click the box next to each Friend who you think should know about us. When you're finishing selecting those you think will be interested, then click "Send Invitations". A message will be sent to everyone selected saying "[Your name] invited you to like A Force For Good".

On a Mobile phone, the facility is found under the "Community" link - then look for the blue "Invite Friends" button.

It's that simple and it really works. We don't advertise on Facebook, and so we depend upon this sort of "word of mouth" from our supporters.

We have a fantastic Twitter account which has over 27K followers. We post original content, retweet, and comment on it several times a day. Please become a follower and engage with us on that platform too. If you "Quote Tweet" one of our Tweets to your followers with a positive comment, then it is very likely we will then retweet your Quote Tweet to our 27K followers which is a way that we can help your account grow too.

And check out our Instagram where our colourful account is the biggest pro-Union Instagram page in the world! Please follow us.

And TikTok. Please follow us.

3. Follow our Video Platforms

Please Subscribe to us on our YouTube channel and hit the Bell for notifications. We really need to grow this one. We have some excellent content on there. Even just playing our videos will help towards notching up our "hour count" which is essential if we are to be monetised on YouTube. Hitting the Thumbs-Up button under each video will also help us to be found on the platform.


4. You can do this by Sharing articles from this Website

For example, just copy the URL of the article that you like, and paste it onto your own Social Media platforms. This is an easy and very effective way to help us get the message out.

5. Please do the same with the URLs on our Video Channels

6. And please share the URLs of our Podcasts

7. Some of our Supporters physically Print Out the Articles which they Like

They send them to MPs, MSPs, and Opinion Formers. That is another effective method of getting the pro-UK word to people who can action it!


8. Tell us if you want to Join us on the Street

We have two kind of Street Actions – those we send out general invites (to the world) to attend, and those we only tell some people about.

So if you want to know about particular events coming up, then you'll find out if we already know about you because we've established contact in some way, and you've told us that you want to help with our Action.


We understand that not everyone can come out on the streets. But many people find they are able to help financially. We have proven that we run very frugally, and very efficiently. We make every donation go a very long way!

9. Support us Monthly

Please consider joining our monthly 'Union Supporters' programme where people help the cause from as little as £1.15 a week (£5 a month). It is quick and easy, and you don't need to be a member of the Donorbox payment system to contribute.

Union Supporters are entitled to request our hard-copy magazine Union Heart free-of-charge (which varies from 8 pages to 40 pages - Issue 5 is 20 pages), and a free Union Heart enamel badge, and a free 5-pack of our unique Christmas cards during that Season. They also receive an invite to our exclusive Union Social.

£10 a month, and £15 a month donors and above, can request more items free as well.

It is our monthly Union Supporters programme which enables us to budget for the future. It is this vital programme which keeps our Show on the Road.

10. Make a One-Off Donation

Some people prefer to make a One-Off Contribution here


11. Our Website Shop

Some of our Supporters buy extra copies of our Wee Book and/or our 40-page magazine Do More Together: 102 Ways to Keep the UK United and send them to friends, family, politicians and opinion formers.

12. Our T-Shirt and Hoodie Store

Pics: Top - AFFG on Union Street, Glasgow on Saturday 11 January 2020 when we counted 10,156 Scottish Nationalists and not the 80K they lied about. Bottom - An AFFG supporter on our 'Thin Red Line' on the Royal Mile on Saturday 6 October 2018, when we counted 12,789 SNP-supporters and not the 100K they lied about!


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