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Help us Do More in 2024: Our Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder

'Tis the season…when A Force For Good raises the funds for our next year of pro-UK campaigning!

This is our sixth annual Crowdfunder event. Please chip-in here> Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder.

We're calling this one "Help us Do More in 2024" because it is going to be an important political year. It will be the year of the British General Election, when the SNP are going to be agitating to break us up. It will be our job to keep the pro-UK parties on the straight and narrow Union Path!

It will be for us to Keep the British End Up - and to help everyone else to stand up for the UK!


A Force For Good is a unionist group, based in the Great British City of Glasgow. We've been going since March 2012 and since then – thanks to your support – we've established ourselves as Scotland's premier pro-UK Campaign Group and Think Tank!


Thanks to the people who gave to our Yule Britannia Christmas Crowdfunder last year and thereby enabled our activism this year. This included our colourful outdoor events such as our "Coronation Day Celebration" in George Square (6-5-23, pic above) and our "Welcome to King Charles" on the Royal Mile (5-7-23) when we generated some great optics in contrast to the republican group who had come up from England to be rude to the King! And we were outside the SNP Conference in Dundee with our message "SNP Out". All of these events were covered in the mainstream media and they ensured we kept the British Flag Flying High.

This year, thanks to our fantastic AFFG Team, and our supporters we've also maintained daily publishing on our social media platforms, we've had 14 Street Stalls, 13 of them in the Great British City of Glasgow (the pic below was on 20-5-23), published 2 of our "Union Heart" magazines which we distribute at our Street Stalls, and we've even got our second book "One Big Country: A Big Book for the Union Vol 1" due out on Amazon in the middle of this December.

In addition, we videoed and counted every single Scottish nationalist march and documented their numbers on our Website here.

By the end of 2023, we will have broadcast 39 weekly 1-hour "Good Evening Britain!" programmes on our Facebook, Twitter, Bitchute and YouTube pages; and 39 audio-only Podcasts broadcasting across 14 channels.

Our Video Editor cuts our programmes down into short 1 to 10 minute videos, which we publish every day on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

We've also supplied our hard-copy material to a wide range of politicians and opinion formers.

We really are getting seen and heard!

Here's the deal, folks! We do stuff. We produce stuff. We get noticed, and we make an impact!

WHAT WE DO MORE in 2024...

The "Additional" below is what we can do if we have the minimum £5,000 funds to cover the basics.


- Maintain daily publishing on our Social Media channels – specifically, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Substack

- Continue weekly video and audio broadcasting across all our Video platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Bitchute, and our Audio Podcast channels.

- Continue to regularly publish our original, informative and comprehensive articles on our Website, and also on our Substack.


- In particular, it is a priority for us to grow our presence on video-platform TikTok. If you would like to fund TikTok growth specifically, please contact us and we can explain our specific needs.

- Develop a new platform on Rumble onto which we would post all our videos to find a new audience, and also a back-up of all our material.


- Street Stalls: At least 12 Street Stalls throughout the year in Glasgow.

- Record and Count Marches: Attend, video and count all the Scottish nationalist marches in order to reveal their true numbers and provide physical evidence of their true strength.


- Public Meeting: At the start of 2024, we want to hold a public meeting in a public hall to officially launch our new book – which is appearing on this December 2023. It will be available from 14th December. Search "One Big Country" and/or "A Big Book for the Union Vol 1"

- Maintain an "Event Response Capacity": Unique opportunities for outdoor activism, and events, will arise throughout the year and it is important to have the capacity to respond. This includes maintaining a budget for the design and printing of Posters and Banners, and Travel Costs.


- Publish 3 more editions of our magazine "Union Heart" including Issue 10, "Busting Indy Myths Vol 2", and Issue 11, which will be a Special Edition commemorating the 110th anniversary of the beginning of WWI. These are distributed at our Street Stalls in Glasgow.


- Acquire a large number of copies of Vol 1 of A Big Book for the Union for distribution to politicians and opinion formers, and cover the costs of such distribution.

- Raise the research, graphic design and publishing costs for Vol 2 of A Big Book for the Union.


All of the above will be covered by our stretch target of £9,000.

However, we're aiming for a minimum of £5,000 in order to ensure we can cover the basics – that is, the daily Social Media publishing, the regular video and audio broadcasting, the articles, the Street Stalls, the March Counting, and the Union Heart magazines.

If we reach our stretch target of £9,000 then we will be able to engage with the rest of the activity listed above.

If you would like to contribute to enable a particular need, as above, then please contact us and we will breakdown the specific sum required.

Folks – if you can help, please know that nothing is too small or too big a donation.

You can choose some fantastic rewards too, by clicking on the boxes on the right.

But please remember, you don't need to click on the rewards – you can simply make a donation of your choice via the normal orange donate button at the top right of the page.

And you can also donate anonymously.

Please note that your donation is entirely confidential. We are not a political party and so there is no legal requirement for us to report donations to the Electoral Commission.

It just remains for us to say Thank You so much for standing with us for our wonderful United Kingdom.

If you can, please share the URL on your own social media platforms. That really helps!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yule Britannia...and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Great British New Year!


Everyone who donates a straight £25 via the first Reward Button can also claim our classic "Wee Book for the Union" (worth £5) personally signed by the author, Alistair McConnachie.

Everyone who donates a straight £30 can do so via the second Reward button and receive our amazing "Wee Book for the Union" AND our 40-page magazine "Do More Together" featuring 102 Policies to Keep the UK Together absolutely FREE (package worth £9.50 in itself).

Also, check out the amazing wooden Flag designs which we have as Rewards. If you want one of these wooden Flag designs, be sure to click the appropriate button on the right.

They are signed as original Dramatic Scotland Creations, and come complete with hangings and wall fixtures, plus free postage in UK. (Sorry but these items are not available for overseas posting.)

If you'd like to claim a reward, but also make a donation which is larger than the specific reward link for it, then the best way is to make two donations - make the first donation via the reward link for the item of your choice, and then make a second donation via the normal orange donate button to make up the difference.


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