A Unitary State bound by Consent, and Law

A Force For Good activists at one of our Jubilee Street Stalls in the heart of the Great British City of Glasgow on 14 May 2022. The 'British Together' Hoodie can be found at our Hoodie and T-shirt Store here.

One of the current Scottish nationalist notions is that the Union used to be based on nice and cuddly "consent", but now it's based on harsh and oppressive "law".

For example, a Scottish nationalist will deceptively enquire: "Is Scotland in a voluntary Union?" or "Do you agree that the Union is based on consent?"

They are trying to manoeuvre us into their web.

If we accept, without clarification (which we provide below) that "Yes, it is voluntary" or "Yes, it is based on consent", then they will use this logic against us.

They will demand that we should agree to a second referendum based on this "principle of consent". If we don't agree, then they'll call us "anti-democratic". They'll say we are ignoring "the principle of consent" and instead we're "imposing the Union by force of law".

That's the way they play!

We'll be hearing a lot more of this when the Supreme Court judgement comes out.


This "we used to be in a voluntary Union based on consent but now we're forced into Union by law", is a relatively recent Scottish nationalist false frame.

It's all rubbish of course!

The fact is, British Parliamentary laws have underpinned the Union since the very beginning and continue to do so every day.