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Debunking Separatist Myths 7: "If Scotland was already Independent, why would it Join the Union"

A Force For Good in Aberdeen on 17-8-19. Pic AFFG

This hypothetical question is one which Scottish nationalists like to think is some kind of secret weapon of a question which is meant to be unanswerable.

On the contrary, this question helps us to articulate the value of what we have today.

The answer is simple and obvious.

We would want to re-join the Union for all the reasons that the Union is a good thing to stay part of right now!

Economically, to pool and share our resources to help our closest neighbours and family members when they are in need; and to be helped by them, when we are in need!

Socially, to be British! To be part of the wider community of these Islands, and to enjoy the benefits which come from that shared identity. Scottish nationalists want to narrow our sense of identity to "Scottish only". We are about encouraging people to expand our sense of identity.

Culturally, to enjoy the precious birthright of being British, the rich cultural inheritance which naturally belongs to everyone who identifies as British, wherever we live in the United Kingdom, and regardless of where in the UK that value comes from.

Basically, if Scotland were separate, we would want to re-join the Union for all the benefits of association which come from being in Union. We would want to re-create a United Kingdom for all the reasons that it is a good thing right now!

It is also worth noting that the sort of Scottish nationalists who ask why an independent Scotland would ever want to re-join a British Union, are also the sort of Scottish nationalists who want an independent Scotland to re-join the European Union, and as quickly as possible! So, another way of answering this question is to ask them why they want to re-join the EU. Obviously they see some kind of value in it.

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Myth 7: "If Scotland was already Independent, why would it want to Join the Union today?"

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