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Debunking Separatist Myths 5: "Westminster Can't Deny us a Second Referendum"

Westminster from a Thames Clipper. Copyright AFFG

Firstly, let us give some advice to our politicians on this matter.

The Scottish nationalist parties – which is to say, the SNP and the Soggy Greens (The Scottish Cabbage Party) – will say that the British government is going "to deny the nationalists a second referendum in 2021."

The media is entirely wrapped up in this Scottish nationalist Talking Point, indeed consumed by it!

Yet this is a hypothetical situation. It depends entirely upon the SNP/Greens forming a Scottish nationalist majority. That may or may not happen in the future. Right now, it is just a supposition.

Yet the media promote this Talking Point because they want to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Secondly, be aware of "Opinion Polls" which will be widely advertised and used as daily Talking Points in the mainstream media, in order to move public opinion in this direction. For example, the former SNP MP Angus Robertson has even set up his own polling company which is being used blatantly for such purposes.

Therefore, at this time, opposition politicians should not be drawn into answering hypothetical questions based on situations which have not happened yet, or scenarios which have been deliberately manufactured by polling companies with an agenda.

They should avoid pronouncing on things which have not happened and which might not ever happen.

To do so would be to make the possibility of an SNP/Green victory more likely, by accepting the premise that it is going to happen.

Instead, all the opposition parties should concentrate on talking up their own chances, instead of being caught in the web of accepting the nationalist and mainstream media's hypothetical version of reality sometime in the future!

So, you should always preface any answers with a recognition that it is a hypothetical question.

The following also represent important comebacks to frequently-heard claims.

Example 1: "You don't have a mandate to deny us a referendum."

Yes we do! We have a fundamental Mandate for Unity.

It was expressed by the people of Scotland who voted at the General Election on 12th December 2019, when Scotland elected 59 MPs to take their seats and speak, and vote, for their constituents, and for Scotland, and for the entire nation of the UK.

We, the voters, expressed this Mandate for Unity, and this Mandate for Unity is now consequently represented in physical form by the entire body of our British Parliament.

The British Parliament now has the perfect democratic right, duty and responsibility to exercise it, because we gave it that perfect democratic right, duty and responsibility when we willingly partook in the 2019 General Election.

A second mandate for unity is the 18th September 2014 mandate which was a Scotland-specific vote which determined that the majority of people in Scotland were happy to have such important decisions made at a UK-wide level.

The fact that Scotland voted in 2016 to stay in the EU is only relevant in so far as it was a UK-wide vote, and the people of Scotland had previously stated their intention – by voting to stay in the UK in 2014 – that such UK-wide events and results, would be observed and respected.

Example 2. "Scotland has a right to another referendum."

On the contrary, Scotland has a right to have its democratic will, as expressed at the 2014 referendum, respected!

Furthermore, the British Parliament (and all who sit there) and the specific British Government of the day, has a perfect right, duty and responsibility to defend our democratic will as expressed in the 2014 referendum, and by our over-whelming participation (68.1% turnout) in the 2019 General Election.

After the experience of 2014 and 2016 no responsible or compassionate government would inflict another referendum on its people, which we were told was 'once in a generation' anyway.

When will the SNP admit they said it was 'once in a generation' and 'once in a lifetime' and concentrate instead on running the country for the good of all? They are the ones who are denying democracy, and the democratic will of the Scottish people.

It's time for the SNP and the Soggy Greens to respect that democratic result and stop trying to keep holding referendums until they get what they want!

Example 3. "You have no right to deny the democratic will of the people of Scotland."

Again, when will the SNP/Greens respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland expressed at the 2014 referendum, and by our participation in the 2019 General Election? By the same token, they have 'no right' to deny that democratic will.

Example 4. "Are you saying that people don't have a right to change their minds?"

We're saying you can't run the United Kingdom by having a referendum on its very existence every few years. That just perpetually destabilises the nation.

Example 5. "Denying us another referendum will only increase support for independence."

On the contrary, if the SNP/Greens keep banging on about more referendums then it will only increase support for the Union.

Indeed, we already see pro-UK people speaking about the idea of abolishing Holyrood entirely! That's something we never heard a couple of years ago, and certainly not in 2014.

Furthermore, everyone knows that if they lost again, they would simply demand another referendum, and another, and another, until they got their way. They don't, and won't respect the result!

Example 6. "Scotland has a right to independence."

Scotland has a right to remain in Union too! Scotland has a right to be part of the United Kingdom. Let's hear people standing up for that fact.

Let's hear our politicians framing the matter in that way.

Remember, the frame of "independence" is the SNP frame. They want to keep us focused on their separatist policies. Our frame is British-wide unity and solidarity.

Furthermore, this is not just a Scottish issue. Scotland is not the only actor with a 'right to be heard' in this debate. Everyone who believes in the United Kingdom is involved.

Scotland has no right to break up the UK on its own. We have no right to unilaterally destroy Britain. Everyone is involved here, as per our video below!

Example 7. "When will the Tories/Boris/Unionists/Labour Party apologise to the people of Scotland for..."

When will Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP apologise to the people of Scotland for their constitutional obsession? When will they apologise for their divisive behaviour?

You know, you won't hear these points made as clearly and concisely anywhere else. Please help us keep making them, by becoming a monthly Union Supporter from a minimum of £1.15 a week (£5 a month) via Donorbox here

Debunking Separatist Myths Series:

Myth 5: "Westminster Can't Deny us a Second Referendum"

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