Debunking Separatist Myths 4: "Westminster has No Mandate"

Alistair McConnachie and A Force For Good's Thin Red Line in Aberdeen 17-8-19

Continuing our series which debunks the oft-heard Scottish Nationalist and SNP nonsense.

Example 1. They say: "Westminster has No Mandate"

A Force For Good does not support any particular political party, but we know that as a consequence of the General Election of 12th December 2019, the Parliament at Westminster has a mandate to govern the whole of the United Kingdom.

This is because all of Scotland took part in a United Kingdom election, and elected 59 MPs, none of whom are abstentionists, and all of whom have pledged allegiance to the Queen and have taken up their seats in the Great British Parliament.

We call this the "mandate for unity".

And as AFFG tweeted out on the 13th: "Congrats to the 59 MPs from Scotland who have been elected to our collective British Parliament, and who, by taking up their seats, will acknowledge the British Parliament's perfect right, duty and responsibility to stand up for our United Kingdom and to work to keep us together!"