Debunking Separatist Myths 3: The "Why can't Scotland..." Themes

AFFG's Thin Red Line take on the Scot Nats in Galashiels 1-6-19 Pic: AFFG

A Force For Good's Thin Red Line of Scottish Unionists take on the Scottish Nationalists in Galashiels on 1 June 2019. Pic: AFFG

Continuing our look at the various SNP and Scottish Nationalist themes – the questions and claims – which can be found repeated daily in the comments and articles of its elected representatives and supporters.

Here we look at the "Why can't Scotland..." questions, which they use deliberately to dominate the "debate"; or to dominate their "lecture at us" more like!

It will go like this:

Them: Why can't Scotland be independent?

You: Eh, well maybe it could be...but...

Them: So you admit Scotland could be independent?

You: Yes, it could be...I suppose.

Them: Hurray, another convert!


Them: Why can't Scotland go it alone? Are you saying Scotland can't go it alone? Are you saying that Scotland is too poor to go it alone?

You: No, I'm not saying that. I mean...Scotland could go it alone...I suppose.