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Debunking Separatist Myths 3: The "Why can't Scotland..." Themes

AFFG's Thin Red Line take on the Scot Nats in Galashiels 1-6-19 Pic: AFFG

A Force For Good's Thin Red Line of Scottish Unionists take on the Scottish Nationalists in Galashiels on 1 June 2019. Pic: AFFG

Continuing our look at the various SNP and Scottish Nationalist themes – the questions and claims – which can be found repeated daily in the comments and articles of its elected representatives and supporters.

Here we look at the "Why can't Scotland..." questions, which they use deliberately to dominate the "debate"; or to dominate their "lecture at us" more like!

It will go like this:

Them: Why can't Scotland be independent?

You: Eh, well maybe it could be...but...

Them: So you admit Scotland could be independent?

You: Yes, it could be...I suppose.

Them: Hurray, another convert!


Them: Why can't Scotland go it alone? Are you saying Scotland can't go it alone? Are you saying that Scotland is too poor to go it alone?

You: No, I'm not saying that. I mean...Scotland could go it alone...I suppose.

Them: Hurray, another convert!

The point is to put you on the back foot, at the same time as they introduce into your head the notion that Scotland could be "independent" and could "go it alone".

Once that door in your mind has been pushed a little ajar, then they will try to force it all the way open by painting to you the grand picture of Scotland's bright economic future selling renewable energy, whisky, venison, tourism and digital products to an eagerly-awaiting world.

We should not attempt to answer them by underplaying Scotland's ability to continue to be a successful country. Far better to base our answer in the positive strength of Scotland in the Union follows.

How to Answer Them

It is very easy.

Turn the question around and ask a question right back, based upon the same premise.

Why can't we be independent and go it alone, they ask?

Well, by the same reasoning, why can't we stay in Union and work together?

And even if we could "go it alone", the point is; "Why should we?"

Turning the question around in this way forces them to explain why on earth we should not work with the rest of the United Kingdom together in Union.

It forces them to explain why we need to leave the Union and break up the United Kingdom, when we can be successful right now.

Almost always their attempt to answer will reveal the basis of their belief as rooted in some form of prejudice against...(well, you name it)...Westminster, the Tories, the English, England, Britain, British History, the British Empire, British Institutions, or some other half-baked confusion.

To Conclude

"Why can't Scotland be Independent?"

Why can't Scotland work together with the rest of our Islands? Why should Scotland leave the Union and break up the United Kingdom?

"Why can't Scotland go it alone?"

Why can't Scotland go forward together with everyone else in the United Kingdom? Why should Scotland go it alone?

"But Scotland has terrific potential in renewable energy, food and drink exports, tourism, digital technology and so much more."

Good, let's continue to build on this ability within our Union. Why can't Scotland share its wealth and resources? Why can't we share the fruits of our labour with everyone else in our Islands? Why should we break up the UK in order to hoard our wealth? Surely you believe we should be sharing our wealth?

That's what being in a Union is all about! It's about sharing our resources and redistributing our wealth. Are you saying it's wrong to share our wealth?

Surely Scotland is Big Enough and Rich Enough and Clever Enough to Share our Wealth and Resources with the rest of our Family in the United Kingdom. Don't you agree?

Them: Eh, I suppose so...yes.

You: Hurray, another convert!

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Debunking Separatist Myths Series:

Myth 3: The "Why can't Scotland..." Themes

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