Debunking Separatist Myths 2: The SNP's "Scots are Inferior" Themes

Our AFFG Thin Red Line in Edinburgh 5-10-19. Pic AFFG.

The SNP uses a variety of rhetorical devices – themes – which can be found repeated daily in the speech and articles of its elected representatives and supporters.

These are intended to be used over and over again to the point that they "sink in" and become part of the consciousness and world-view of those who support them, and of those they are seeking to persuade.

Several of them are what we are defining as "Inferiority Themes". That is, rhetorical devices intended to make Scots, and Scotland, look like an inferior, put upon, pushed around, abused and bullied people, and country.

They are intended to get the listener, or reader, outraged at the apparent insult – either to themselves or to "Scotland" – and thereby committed to supporting the break-up of Britain.

Here are 3 of these "Inferiority Themes" which we constantly hear.