The Union Jack For Ever

AFFG at Ayr 6-7-19 flying our Union Jacks high

During AFFG's counter-demo in Ayr on Saturday 6 July 2019 (above, where we counted 2,672 SNP supporters, and not the 13K they lied about), our Director, Alistair McConnachie took the opportunity to premiere 'The Union Jack For Ever' - a poem he adapted from the Canadian anthem, 'The Maple Leaf For Ever' which was written by the Scotsman Alexander Muir.

Alistair has changed parts of it to emphasise the creation of the Union Jack by the Scottish King, James VI; to reference British battles; and to record the most northerly point of the United Kingdom, the most southerly, the most eastern and the most western; and it even puts a good word in for Rockall too!

In days of yore, from Scotland's shore

James the Sixth, our dauntless hero came

And created first the Union Flag

On Britain's fair domain.