Our Great British Brexit Celebration Speech

The Scottish Daily Mail 1-2-20, had a cracking pic of our Celebration - Alistair McConnachie with the English Sparkling champagne!

On "Brexit Night", Friday 31 January 2020, A Force For Good organised a Meet-Up in George Square, in the very heart of Glasgow, from 10.30pm-11.30pm. From 10.35pm, up until the "Brexit Bells" at 11pm, Alistair gave the following Speech.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much for coming along to celebrate this momentous night in Britain's life.

Thank you for coming along to do so...publicly...in the very centre of our Great British City of Glasgow!

Thank you for coming along to remind us all, and especially, the media, that there were over one million of us here in Scotland, who voted for this occasion; and that there are now many more who are happy to accept it, and who look to our shared British future...with hope and optimism.

And make no mistake, we are the optimists...and that's been proven by the media and newspapers today. We are the people who have British Pride in ourselves, and in the capabilities of all the people of our wonderful country.

This is a date in our nation's life which will be remembered for generations to come. It marks the beginning of true British Independence

The United Kingdom's membership of the Common Market came into effect on 1 January 1973.

Well, tonight, here in George Square, 47 years and 1 month to the day later, that membership ends...in 25 minutes.

And as we await our countdown – and we have recorded the bongs of Big Ben on our Speaker here – let us reflect on the massive potential positives which are opening up before us.

And as we do so, let us reach out to those who are not with us tonight – to those who have fallen for the media scare stories; to those who think it is the end...of the world. Don't be depressed.

We hold out our hand to you.

We say, join with us because the positives are all...on our side. We are the optimists.

The best the naysayers can hope for is for our country to fail! Think about how dismal that position is.

We, however, have the vision and the determination to make this work.

We know that a Scotland outside the EU, and as part of a rejuvenated Great Britain – has a massively exciting future.

After all, basing our trade around 194 countries in the world, rather than focusing only on 27 in Europe will help to ensure our prosperity.

You know, I mentioned there about the media talking Britain down.

So, I want to talk about HOW GREAT OUR UNITED KINGDOM IS

If we switched on the TV or radio today all we heard was the London Metropolitan elite talking down Britain.

Here in Scotland, all we see is the Scottish media spreading fake news on this matter.

Well, let's talk Britain up for a change.

It was Britain that kicked off the Industrial Revolution. It was Britain who defeated a slew of continental tyrants from the middle ages to the modern age. It is Britain which has inspired the modern world with our creativity and inventions.

Today, Britain is the world's second most powerful nation when measured by a range of economic, military and cultural factors.

It is the world's only global-power, second only behind the USA, which is a super-power.

So we don't buy into the miserablist rhetoric of those who talk Britain down.

We are about talking Britain up!

Because together as the United Kingdom, we are a Great nation that achieves incredible things.

Our Great Britain protects us while we sleep. It cares for us when we're sick. It supports us financially during hard times.

It will most certainly be able to make Brexit another Great British Success!

To those who are, themselves, having a cry-in over on Buchanan Gallery Steps this evening, we say to them, stop pandering to the liberal elite minority who do nothing but talk down this great country of ours.

Stop listening to the media here in Scotland who have been wrong on this issue for 50 years and who will always continue to be wrong on it.

Instead, join with us and rejoice!


Rejoice that we're taking back the billions we give to the EU each year.

Rejoice that we will never have to bail out the failing euro with our own tax monies.

Rejoice that we're taking back control over a huge range of policies including our Scottish fishing and farming policies.

Rejoice that there is now the potential for our borders to become more secure, and our safety more assured.

Rejoice that our MPs are going to become more accountable to us...instead of outsourcing their decision-making to the unelected, faceless, bureaucratic machine in Brussels and Strasbourg.

These are all good things.

So, stop wishing for your country to fail. Stop being on the losing side, and come over and join...The Winning Team.