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Make Brexit a Great British Success

Brexit is Britain's 21st Century Project for National Renewal.

The SNP want to "weaponise" Brexit as a way of creating political instability in order to promote division in order to promote a second referendum, but if we look closely, we can see that they are scared of its potential to bring Britain together.

For example, they work overtime attacking and misrepresenting it as some kind of "imperialistic, jingoistic thing", but that just shows how much they are worried about its potential to help rejuvenate Britain the Idea, and Britain the Nation.

For our part, we must ensure Brexit is Britain's 21st Century Project for National Renewal.

Let's make it a clear and visible success!

The ScotNats are wanting it to fail. But the future of the United Kingdom depends upon Brexit being successful, and being seen to be successful.

You know, the Leave vote caught the political class off-guard.

They neither supported it to begin with; many of them still don't want it to happen; and almost all of them have no vision for Britain to take advantage of the vast opportunity which Brexit can present.

It remains to be seen whether the political parties can change their views and rise to the occasion. But there are huge rewards waiting for politicians with vision.

Julie Burchill wrote that Brexit is "about boldness and imagination, about shaking off boring old chains and striking bravely into the future. This nation has never suited modest ambitions and there's no reason why we shouldn't dream big once more." ('Nostalgic? Me? No, it's Remainers who cling to the past', Sunday Telegraph, 20-1-19).

For our part, we at A Force For Good will state this:


Once Brexit gets underway a Vision for Britain must focus on these 4 points:

1. All four corners of Britain coming together to make this work.

2. Britain being free in new ways to invest, re-industrialise, and create jobs.

3. Britain remaining committed to the peace and prosperity of Europe through

a) serving in the NATO alliance, and

b) continuing to trade.

4. Britain re-establishing strong relationships with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.

There is vast potential in new trade deals with the world, especially for Scotland. This needs to be constantly emphasised. We have the positives on our side.

The British economy is one of the largest in the world!

It can and will prosper outside the EU where opportunities abound when we base a programme upon trade with 194 other countries world-wide, instead of only 27 in the EU.


If, post-Brexit, we can get good trade deals for all of Britain, then Scotland will benefit too.

Scotland is then less likely to throw that economic prosperity away by choosing separation.

The potential economic prosperity that could come from inspired post-Brexit leadership can help to cement the Union.

Scottish Nationalists know it will be difficult to impossible for them to argue for an independent Scotland which is going to be outside both the UK and the EU Single Markets. That's why they agitate for it to fail. That's why they keep trying to break our unity.

But we will stand strong!

Our unity will prevail, we will be successful, and Britain's future together is assured!


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