Debunking Separatist Myths: An Introduction

A Force For Good with our Talking Points on 2-11-19, George Square, Glasgow

This is the introduction to our series of articles "Debunking Separatist Myths", which examine the SNP and Scottish Nationalist Talking Points and Themes.

We answer their tricky questions and dubious claims – which can be found repeated daily in the comments and articles of its elected representatives and supporters. We show you how they deliberately use their rhetoric to try to dominate the debate; and most importantly we show you how to fight back.

Let's get to it!

A Talking Point is something that politicians, and/or the media, will promote and amplify (make louder) in order to lead the debate, with the intention of dominating the discussion and directing it along a preferred course.

It is a fact that the SNP's Talking Points lead the Scottish media, and national debate, by the nose.

Of course, such journalists will object to that, but we're about to demonstrate that they clearly are being led - because if they were not being led, then we would be hearing our Talking Points instead.

But firstly...

The Role of the Media

Politics is experienced by people largely through the consumption of mainstream media, and increasingly social media. It is the media which introduces ideas into popular consciousness, keeps them in our minds (if we let it) and amplifies certain messages over others.